PyCon Montreal 2015 and Motivation


I just got back from a fun week in Montreal for PyCon 2015. Due to my work commitments since relocating to Seattle and leaving the San Diego Data Science Meetup I organized behind, I’ve been concerned that I was losing touch with the data science and general Python community. I figured an international conference would force me to get out of town, plus I love combining conference trips with a vacation. My last international conference was useR! 2013 in Spain

The MontrĂ©al-Python group hosted a meetup the night after the conference ended where Olivier Grisel spoke about what’s new in scikit-learn 0.16 Scikit-learn is my favorite package across any language, and the talk reminded me that I haven’t done anything meaningful with it in about a year. Combine this fact with the Computational Photography graduate class I’ve been plugging away at this Spring (mostly OpenCV), and I now know it’s time to write about image work with scikit-learn.