Shiny Server on CentOS

I’ve been enjoying working with Joe Cheng’s Shiny Server and wanted to create a quick step-by-step guide on installing it on an AWS CentOS EC2 instance as the standard Shiny Server instructions assume the typical dependencies are installed: 1. Shiny’s instructions say to install libssl-dev (sudo yum install libssl-dev), here is the CentOS equivalent : sudo yum install openssl-devel […]

Data imputation I

I recently entered kaggle titanic learning competition for fun and to see where my out of the box utilization of random forest would rank me (303 out of 5,882). It was interesting to see that much of the scoring differentiation came from score imputation, that is filling missing values based on other data. For example, we might have […]

ggplot2 graphics in a loop

A client has a specific audit they perform quarterly across 200 of their manufacturing plants. The audit has 8 distinct sections examining the different areas of the plant (shipping, receiving, storage, packaging,etc.) Instead of having one cumulative final score, the audit displays a final score for each section. I wanted to examine the distribution of […]