Lending Club Data Analysis Revisited with Python

2.5 years ago I analyzed Lending Club’s issued loans data (yikes! I was using R back then!) . It was the most visited blog post on my site in 2013 through 2014. Today it’s still number 5. Reddit picked up my simple “35-hour work week with Python” post which is now #1: Lending Club is […]

Pure Python Decision Trees

By now we all know what Random Forests is. We know about the great off-the-self performance, ease of tuning and parallelization, as well as it’s importance measures. It’s easy for engineers implementing RF to forget about it’s underpinnings. Unlike some of it’s more modern and advanced contemporaries, descision trees are easy to interpret. A neural […]

PyCon Montreal 2015 and Motivation

I just got back from a fun week in Montreal for PyCon 2015. Due to my work commitments since relocating to Seattle and leaving the San Diego Data Science Meetup I organized behind, I’ve been concerned that I was losing touch with the data science and general Python community. I figured an international conference would […]