The 35-hour Workweek with Python

I was prompted to write this post after reading the NYT’s In France, New Review of 35-Hour Workweek. For those not familiar with the 35-hour workweek, France adopted it in February 2000 with the suppport of then Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and the Minister of Labour Martine Aubry. Simply stated, the goal was to increase […]

Data visualization with R and ggplot2

I’m working on a one-hour ggplot2 lecture for the San Diego R users group, which I will post here when I’m done. I think there are many great intro to R data visualization resources out there so I’ll only share working examples on my blog. A retail chain client employs a few hundred field agents who perform […]

Tidy Data

Hadley Wickman, the author of the excellent plyr and ggplot2 packages, published a great article a couple years ago on “tidy data” at : When taking on your first data analysis project you quickly learn that 80% of your time is spent prepping data (data munging or data wrangling). We’d all be better off if […]