Simple Thoughts About Value Comparison

A business has just completed a quarterly performance audit and the manager has been informed that they received a score of 55. How should this manager feel? What information might the manager want to know?  Perhaps he’d like to know the average (mean) score of all audits for this quarter. If he were to discover […]


“Skeuomorph” refers to the characteristics of a design that emulates old-fashioned physical objects; objects  that were used in a different context.  How is this relevant to a cognitive scientist working in human interface design? Well think about the animated page turning in digital magazines, the shutter sound your phone “makes” when taking a photo, the yellow legal […]

Correlation: Easy as 1-2-3?

I recently had a task to take a look at some assessment (audit) data. I was assuming, rather hoping for data with a normal distribution and thought it would be a quick case of Pearson correlation between two columns: “Duration” and “Score”. Just conjecture at this point as I did not understand what the assessment process […]